confidential approach.


Our confidential approach involves the team at Pitch! calling decision makers within your target market entirely under your name, acting as an extension of your existing sales team.

The prospects won’t be aware that an external telemarketing agency is being utilised.

Your campaign team will take the time to learn all about your products and the way you operate, the tone of voice in which you communicate and how you add value to your clients in order to deliver a professional and successful campaign.

Avg connected calls per hour
Monthly as standard
Ideal Duration
12 months rolling


Choosing a confidential campaign keeps the focus on your brand. In the view of the decision makers we speak to, everything is straightforward and flows through the sales funnel with ease.

By operating under your name, we can add value to your brand identity whilst delivering highly qualified leads.


We aim to become part of your team both externally, in the way we interact with clients, and internally, in the way we communicate with your team.

In order to act as an extension of your team, all calls from Pitch! will be made via a dedicated phone number (with your area code) and all emails will be issued using a domain and email address that’s similar to your own.

We will use the knowledge gathered in our insight process and through our time getting to know your team to ensure that we are knowledgeable about your company and offerings, and can assist potential clients with any queries they may have.